School Services

Meals: Lunch & Breakfast

School Menus

HCPSS students and their families can now view menus and nutrition and allergen information for meals served in all HCPSS schools through Nutrislice, a website and free smartphone app.

This upgrade to school menus benefits school health professionals and parents who can easily access nutritional information and make informed choices for their child’s nutrition.

Download the Nutrislice mobile app for iOS or Android.


The Howard County Public School System recently transitioned to a new online meal payment system, This website allows families to easily manage student accounts and make payments online on personal computers and mobile devices.


Elementary Student Breakfast

  • Breakfast is free for all students. Only served from 8:35 am.-9:00 am.

Elementary Student Lunch

Meals purchased without a PIN incur an additional charge – $0.30 for breakfast and $0.60 for lunch. View prices for adult meals.


For more information on the HCPSS wellness policy, and information on nutrition and allergens, please visit the Food Services site.

Health Room

School Nurse- Diann Rocha MSN, RN,

Health Assistant- Alicia Fleischer CNA,

Health Room Phone- 410-313-1739

Health Room Fax- 410-379-5150

IMPORTANT Health Room & COVID-19 Information

TeleMedicine Program

Children who are ill with eye, ear, nose, throat, skin, lung, and headache complaints can be seen during the school day in the health room. Diann Rocha, the school nurse, uses a special hand-held camera with attachments to transmit images of your child's eyes, ears, throat, and exposed skin and his or her lung sounds to the doctor. Another camera allows the doctor to see and talk with your child and the school nurse. Throat cultures for strep throat can be done on-site and if a prescription is required, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. The majority of children are able to remain in school and their parents at work or home. You are always contacted before the telemedicine visit to confirm you wish your child to be seen. Parents are invited to participate in the visit either by phone or coming to the health suite itself. Please contact the health room at 410-313-1739 for more information. You may also call Sharon Hobson, the program's administrator, at 410-313-7238.


PDF iconTelemedicine English Enrollment Packet 5.17.19.pdf

PDF iconTelemedicine Haka Chin Enrollment Packet 7-8-18.pdf

PDF iconTelemedicine Spanish Enrollment Packet.pdf


Please view this short demo of a telemedicine visit.

Before and After School Care

Information Forthcoming.

Accident and Medical Insurance

Accident Insurance

The school system does not carry medical insurance for accidents that occur at school, including non-sport related injuries, such as trips and falls, physical education injuries, and recess/playground injuries. Thus, parents are encouraged to enroll students in the accident insurance program offered through HCPSS.

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Medical Insurance

The Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHIP) is available for families, pregnant women, and children in need of medical insurance. Applications are available through the school health assistant or by contacting the Howard County Health Department at 410-313-7500.

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