OWL OBSERVER NEWS- Sept. 18, 2020

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 9:16am

OWL OBSERVER NEWS- Sept. 18, 2020

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Important Dates to Remember

  • September 22nd at 6:00pm - Grades 1-5 Virtual Back to School Night

  • September 23rd BTSN GT 6:00pm-6:30pm, BTSN Instrumental Music/Band 6:30pm-7:00pm

  • September 25th- DLES Spirit Day- dress up like a superhero

  • September 28th- Hoot Club begins this week

  • September 28th- Schools closed

  • September 29th- DreamBox and Lexia Parent Information Night at 6:30pm-7:30-pm

  • October 16th- Half day for students (Professional Work Day)

  • November 3rd- Election Day, no school

A Message from Administration:

Dear Families,

At the beginning of each week, your child’s homeroom teacher will share an announcement through Canvas on Monday morning.  Your child’s teacher has posted a weekly schedule with their related arts classes (and links) for each day of the week.  

The best way to access your child’s Related Arts assignments is through each Related Arts teacher’s homepage located on your child’s Canvas dashboard.  Each of our related arts teachers will update their Canvas page weekly to show which classes in each grade are synchronous or asynchronous that week.  Once you are on the homepage for the related arts class, you should click on the link that says, “Lessons & Tasks”.  Once in Lessons & Tasks, you will see dated assignments and lessons.  Another tool available is your child’s Canvas calendar.  The calendar will show all tasks needed to be completed for the week. 

Here is a virtual learning tip sheet for you and your child to use as a reference.

September 15th is recognized as the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month!! Teachers will be sharing fun facts throughout the rest of the month. Pay attention to the morning announcements!

Mrs. Balter and Mrs. Madden

BTSN- September 22nd Grades 1-5 

1st Grade - 6:00pm


Individual Team Meets - 6:00pm

  • DLESSporgitas

  • DLESDunsdon

  • DLESHolter

  • DLESChoe

Spanish Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESSpanish

Chin Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESChin

2nd Grade - 6:00pm 


Individual Team Meets - 6:00pm

  • DLESDiCarlo

  • DLESHendrickson

  • DLESCondon

  • DLESJenner

  • DLESKraft 

Spanish Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESSpanish

Chin Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESChin

3rd Grade - 6:00pm


Individual Team Meets - 6:00pm

  • DLESMcWilliams

  • DLESCho

  • DLESVanSlyke

  • DLESGrohe

  • DLESLiwosz

Spanish Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESSpanish

Chin Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESChin

4th Grade - 6:00pm


Individual Team Meets - 6:00pm

  • DLESHaas

  • DLESSchneider

  • DLESWilder

  • DLESBlack

  • DLESBatts 

Spanish Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESSpanish

Chin Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESChin

5th Grade - 6:00pm


Individual Team Meets - 6:00pm

  • DLESSillers

  • DLESHoldridge

  • DLESGierasch

  • DLESAbramson

  • DLESProctor 

Spanish Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESSpanish

Chin Presentation - 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESChin


BTSN- September 23rd GT and Band/Orchestra 

GT - 6:00pm - 6:30pm


English 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESGT 

Spanish 6:00pm 

  • Code: DLESGTSpanish 

Chin 6:00pm

  • Code: DLESGTChin 

Instrumental Music - 6:30pm - 7:00pm


English  6:30pm

  • Code: DLESMusic 

Spanish 6:30pm

  • Code: DLESMusicSpanish 

Chin 6:30pm 

  • Code: DLESMusicChin 


Mark Your Calendar!- September 29th DreamBox and Lexia Parent Meeting

Would you like more information about how you can support your child/student with Dreambox Learning or Lexia Core 5?  

Please join us for one of the following parent information sessions listed below on Tuesday, September 29th from 6:30 - 7:30pm:

  • Kindergarten families & families new to DLES         

    • Google Meet Code - dles-session-one

  • Returning DLES families of students in grades 1 - 5           

    • Google Meet Code: dles-session-two

  • DLES families requiring a Spanish interpreter 

    • GoogleMeet Code - dles-session-three

  • DLES families requiring a Chin interpreter 

    • Google Meet Code - dles-session-four


Primary Talent Development lessons/activities are available for students in Kindergarten and grade 1. Students will have the opportunity to participate in asynchronous Primary Talent Development by visiting the DLES K or DLES Gr.1 News in Canvas and heading to Modules for the activities.  Lesson 1 will be available throughout the month of September, with Lesson 2 coming in October.  Mrs. Roussillon and Mrs. Schmitt look forward to supporting your child's learning! If you have any questions or need assistance with finding the lessons, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us through email or your child's INBOX in Canvas.

Grades 2-5 will begin offering Seminars to all students who are interested. These seminars will be offered during your student's "Open" time or on Wednesday during asynchronous learning.  GT teachers are visiting classes over the next week to promote these seminars. Please be sure to ask your children if they are interested and fill out the Google Interest Form found on the DLES grade level News pages in Canvas. Please see below for the specific seminars being offered as well as the time and teacher providing them.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or clarifications needed. 

  • Gr. 2-Flying Paper Machines- Mrs. Schmitt

  • Gr. 3-Engineering Bridges- Mrs. Schmitt

  • Gr. 4-Book Club- Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo- Mrs. Roussillon

  • Gr. 5-Cryptology- Mr. West 

Emergency Card Procedures on Family File  

HCPSS utilizes Family File for parents/guardians to complete emergency information. Regardless of virtual or in-person learning, parents/guardians must verify and/or update information for each child. Parents/guardians can complete Family File by logging in to HCPSS Connect, selecting the More Options tab on the left, and then selecting Family File in the center column. Family File guides are available online.

Attendance Information 

Active student participation is the key to student achievement, both in the classroom and during distance learning. Teachers will design engaging lessons and activities, both for virtual live classes and online assignments. Regular participation is essential for student growth, and students are expected to engage in learning activities every week.

Student attendance for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday instruction will occur as follows:

  • At the elementary level, both the homeroom teacher and mathematics teacher will take attendance, noting whether students were present online for synchronous instruction.

  • Daily attendance will be based on teacher-recorded attendance for the entire school day.

Student attendance for Wednesday instruction will occur as follows:

  • A student will be counted as present if they do one or more of the following since the previous Wednesday:

    • Submit an assignment to one of their teachers

    • Engage in synchronous instruction with an HCPSS teacher

    • Complete work in the Canvas learning management system, DreamBox or Lexia Core5

We are here to help!