Owl Observer: January 2, 2019

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 12:52pm

Important Information

Hearing and Vision Screening will be held at Ducketts Lane for grades Pre K, K, 1st  and new students to Maryland on Jan 15th and rescreen on Jan 31st.  Information will be sent home in the Thursday folders. Please call the health room if you have any questions at 410-313-1739. 



Submit Your VIDEOS for our new CARE Connection Morning Announcement:

At Ducketts Lane we CARE!  We would love videos of Parents/Guardians/Families saying our morning CARE Pledge!  You can even say it together with your child in your video.  If your family speaks another language, feel free to submit your CARE video in another language.  You can submit your videos via email to Mrs. Shappell at misty_shappell@hcpss.org
Be sure to use the following script:

"Hi My name is _______.  I am _______ 's (Mom/Dad/Grandparent...etc).  
At Ducketts Lane, We CARE.
We are CARING, Achieving, and Ready to Learn Every Day!"

***If you are going to record in a different language, use the script below****

"Hi My name is _______.  I am _______ 's (Mom/Dad/Grandparent...etc). 
going to teach you how to say the CARE Pledge in ________. (language)

_____ ____ ______, ______, ______ _______ _____ _____ _____ _____."
Now you try it! Repeat after me: __________________________.

"Thank you for learning some _____(language) with us today!"

"More Than Karate" after school at Ducketts.  Fun and Structured...the perfect way to introduce your child to the benefits of martial arts training!  Register NOW - online - www.okdkarate.com!!  Classes held at DLES, beginning Thursday January 24th (every Thursday for 10 weeks), 3:25-4:15pm!  Led by adult Instructors from, THE OKINAWAN KARATE DOJO, students leave class smiling, focused, more respectful, and skilled with sound self-defense basics!!  Flyers will be sent home soon or REGISTER ON-Line at - www.okdkarate.com...by January 22nd.  Call 443-574-8999 or email morethankarate@gmail.com for more info on our AFTER-SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION and CAMP services!  NEW LOCATION - 4900 Waterloo Rd in 21043!