America Recycles Day

Thu, 11/08/2018 - 7:14am

Important Information

In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, the DLES Green Team will be hosting our 4rd annual America Recycles Sculpture Expo from  Nov. 12th through Nov. 16th. The goal of this event is to promote awareness about waste reduction and involve students in thinking creatively to reuse materials. Students in all grades are invited to use their creativity to construct a sculpture made entirely of recycled materials. Students may work independently or with a partner on this project. The sculptures may be purely artistic or based upon a character, animal, object, person, activity, event, etc.
Sculptures should be brought to school on Monday November 12th. The projects will be displayed in the hallways of the school.  All participants will receive a recognition award certificate of participation.
This is completely voluntary.  It is NOT a requirement. You may work individually or with a partner. Your sculpture must be made of recycled/reused materials, however you may use glue, tape, or any type of adhesive to secure the pieces in place.
Your sculpture’s base should be no larger than one square foot. You may mount your sculpture on some sort of  
platform if you’d like.
Fill out the front of an index card with the following information, and attach to your sculpture:  
(Please do not skip this step; we want everyone to know the artist(s) who sculpted the masterpiece!)
Title of Your Sculpture:
If you have any questions, email

Thank you!