Help support DLES while you get in your holiday shopping online!

Mon, 12/05/2016 - 9:57am

Didn't get your holiday candles yet? There's still time for Yankee Candle orders for sweet gifts or simply for your own enjoyment! Order today and tomorrow and you'll get the added bonus of giving extra profit back to Ducketts Lane programs for your child. Online sales will continue through January 15, 2017, so please visit the website and enter our DLES group number (990063017). No need for a seller ID, just go ahead and shop; there are online only specials for you as well. The products will be delivered straight to your home.

Shop on Amazon? Remember if you use Amazon Smile, you will be giving back to DLES without spending any extra money. There are also programs including, and local stores (Giant/Safeway) that will work in the same by giving money back to the school through your regular shopping. It's a win for everyone so please check it out! You can always find out more about ways to support DLES at our PTA website (

Thank you for your continued support and helping our students, families and staff to grow strong together!!